KVM Extender Over Cat5e - SVGA & USB

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The KVM Console Extender, allows users to control two computers up to 150 Mtrs away using a CAT5 RJ45 Patch lead. It supports a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024, and allows two consoles to control two computers.

Switching between consoles is as easy as pressing a push button or entering hot-key commands from either keyboard. There is no interface card or software to install and it is independent of the computer operating system.


  • Local and Remote Units supplied in the same box
  • Cat 5 / 5E / 6 UTP Cable is used to connect the Local Unit to the Remote Unit
  • No additional software required, Operating System independent
  • Allows Remote Unit (keyboard, mouse and monitor) to be up to 150 Mtrs from the Local Unit
  • Video Compensation can be adjusted by hotkey to ensure the optimum signal quality for any length of cable within the 150 Mtr limit
  • Allows a single computer to be shared between the Local and Remote locations
  • Beep confirmation for every keystroke or button press
  • Support for standard USB Keyboard & Mice, including Microsoft IntelliMouse
  • Compatible with VGA, SVGA and XGA System. Max resolution 1024 x 768
  • Spec: Cat5e
  • Type: Switch
  • EAN: 5056098713631
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